Tested gets a Universal 60W laser

Some comments below the video are not very kind to Glowforge. @dan - may want to ask your pre-release testers to at least not have the Glowforge in the background with junk stacked on top while they review other, vastly more expensive lasers.


Vastly more expensive and vastly bigger with that humungous filter system. This is a commercial system not a desktop like a GF laser. Interesting that Tested got it. Who they testing it for? Nice tool for some things for sure. But now they might be of questionable value for having a pre-release GF laser. - Rich


That’s a nice looking machine. They seem to be one of these “call us to find a sales representative” companies, but someone in the YouTube comments says it costs >$35,000.

Also, I think it would be best for Glowforge to keep as much distance as possible from even creating the possibility of giving the impression that they discourage honest reviews. If Tested found their Glowforge® Laser 3D System Product inadequate for their needs, I’d like to hear all about it. I don’t have a spare 40 grand so I’ll keep that in mind when drawing comparisons.


It’s funny how people hear different things…I didn’t hear anything even remotely anti-Glowforge in there, and I listened to it twice just to make sure. Nor did I see anything the GF couldn’t do, except perhaps cut a full 32" sheet of material.

To save 30 grand and not have to find the space for a separate huge filter setup, I think I can get by with one slightly slower and keep my own list of settings. Chuckle! :wink:

Since this outfit does testing for a living - there’s no reason to expect they wouldn’t try other lasers.


Sorry, I should clarify… I meant the comments from viewers in the discussion below the video. I edited the post.


This makes me more excited for the Glowforge. I am getting 66% of the power in a unit that fits on my desk!! No huge filter system, it will be quieter, and the bed will be smaller. The bed size I knew and can live with. I don’t see any other advantages with this laser over the Glowforge.


My guess is they got it for free (no way Tested is spending $35k+ on anything.)

I think laser makers all over (FSL in particular, but also the bigger players) are a bit worried about Glowforge taking out the bottom end of their market (hobbyists, small-time local engraving businesses, etc.)


Thanks for changing the OP. I was just about to add to what @Jules said when I thought “Oh, wait… Maybe he meant the comments on YouTube.” And I just left that site. Meh. I wouldn’t say there was any big anti-Glowforge movement happening there. Just one douche-monkey saying the 'forge is collecting dust. But how would he know. They might use it every day.

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Gotcha… :wink:

I think you hit that one out of the park (so to speak). GF has already skimmed the botttom of the market and created new buyers as well. They are really afraid that GF2.0 will step up and take the next level of customer (whatever that is). They are…:confused: - Rich


That filter unit likely costs more than a Glowforge Basic.

Not the best comparison, but the similarly-sized Trotec filter that I bought third-hand would have been ~$4400 direct from Trotec (if I recall correctly).


That model (PLS6.150D) is galaxies apart of a Glowforge (any model). You can configure it with multiple tubes at different power levels or mix. technologies. (CO2 or Fiber) It’s starting point in wattage is 10W and can go as high as 75W. Which means you can have a low power tube for engraves and use the high power for cuts. It has a Z axis (229mm). And the air assist is completely different. If you look in the video- there was zero masking on that engrave. With all that said. This machine is the cost of many, many Glowforges.

So this is apples to oranges for sure. The glowforge is well featured self contained starter laser. The ULS is high volume/performance prosumer laser.

The phase ‘This does not do anything that the glowforge can’t’ can not be used in this comparison. Especially if you basing that assumption off that video. As they just did an engrave.


No, not a huge GF hatefest or anything, but there were a few comments. It’s just about appearances.

I really have no idea why Tested is highlighting such an expensive laser - I doubt even 1% of their viewers are in the target market for that thing.


I think it was just to show off “look at the really awesome tech we just bought.” And, since they already have the show, figured… why not. :slight_smile:


I’m a little upset that my Jeep isn’t as quiet or smooth riding as a Bentley.


Because tested makes money based on views, they have maker viewers, so they really just need content. This is like saying a car enthusiast youtube channel shouldn’t review supercars because their core audience can’t afford them.


I doubt they bought it. Popular Youtube channels are often given stuff for free (or at least long-term loans) with the expectation that they’ll highlight it in a video.


Good thing I didn’t use that phrase.


I’m thinking it’s to go along with their “maker” content. They’ll use it to make stuff in the future and that means it’ll appear in their videos (or at least be mentioned). People would have asked for a video eventually anyway, this way it can serve that purpose and also be a “teaser” at the same time. “Subscribe now to see the cool stuff we’re going to make with this bad boy!” - that kind of thing.


Yeah I get that… I just wish they were highlighting the machine a few feet away that can do most of the same stuff and is also accessible to most of their audience. :slight_smile:

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