Tested | Laser Cutting the Maker Puzzle


Kind of sad that the Glowforge in the background is covered in “stuff”


GAH these guys love to hear themselves talk. 5 minutes of prattling on and not even touching on the project, they could have put that into a different video.


Maybe it is time for Glowforge to “exchange” their PRU…


Man, you look at the set up on that universal and the cost, it makes me glad I’m starting with the Glowforge. If I had one now I might to a build-a-long of the puzzle myself just to compare. Would be interesting (hint, hint). Some day soon. :smile:

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If I had access to a nice, faster, more powerful larger format laser, I’d probably use it 9 times out of 10 too. Can’t really blame them for it, but yeah, showing the Forge in the background like that is kind of unfortunate.


On the other hand, no Muse in sight and you don’t hear any news from them about it, either.


Don’t forget Norm did take the Glowforge home to use, I doubt he will do that with the Universal. He also really wanted to name the Glowforge his favorite product of the year for 2016 but then realized probably not the best idea as it was a PRU.

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I don’t think that happened… it’s been in the background, sitting under junk, in at least a couple videos featuring the Universal over the past month or two. I suppose they must be providing valuable feedback directly to Glowforge, otherwise I would assume they’d have asked for it back.

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Sorry, you don’t think what happened?

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Sorry, quote didn’t make it into the post. The part about Norm taking it home to use. It looks like it’s been at the Tested office since they got it.

No problem. I’ll try and find that quote tonight. It was briefly mentioned in one of the podcasts that he had it at home.

Edit: He mentions it at 12:08 in their Youtube review

Not me. The Redsail is 60W, 18x24" adjustable height (9" total depth adjustment) and a full depth pass-thru. But I have only turned it on once since getting the PRU.

I really don’t use the size or depth for most things - and the power just translates into speed. I like the GFUI. I like Proofgrade materials. It’s likely going to be my 95% machine. After all, if I am doing something smaller than 12x20 and a couple inches thick, all that extra capacity in the Redsail might as well not be there.


I wonder how robust that catalog of material settings is. Is it limited to a certain supplier etc?

It looked to me like the ULS material catalog was fairly extensive and I think that all the big players, like Epilog and Trotec have built-in material settings of one sort or another, possibly user settable. GF has decided not to offer that feature, or even printed guidelines*, but we might be able to use Proofgrade settings for similar materials fairly easily.

*If you search online using a string like this in Google:


you will find all manner of guidelines for laser settings that should get you in the right ballpark.