Testing... 1...2


Been really busy around here with the Summer, a vacation where my Daughter received a proposal of marriage, garden tilled, planted - then the hard drive borked. One thing after another, it’s been a conspiracy to keep me away from the laser.
Anyway a few material tests that were interesting.

First is to see how far through a 3/4" piece of oak the PRU can make it @ 100% and 4 IPM - right at a 1/2". Happy about that!

Cool to see how the laser penetrates between the hard and soft wood grain.

Next a couple of stone tests. This popular brown marble that bleaches well like all limestone. Featuring the city logo I live in, the dark color of the stone contrasts well. The stuff is 1 3/16", and would make some nice desk top name tags. The logo is 2" square, top one is 1%/335 (before the recent update) bottom is 50%/335.

Next is a scrap of my bar top, Verde Butterfly granite. Not that good for images because of the different constituent minerals in it gives a spotty result.

As a bonus for you here is a little project I did for my Daughter on the event of her graduation with her Masters degree in social work. Cherry proofgrade that I painted flat black. Sweet how the laser cuts a perfect mask for painting! @Jules was instrumental in helping me make this happen :purple_heart:.
Sorry, blurred picture.

She did a couple of internships, one in South Africa and one in Thailand. She has covered as many miles as I have, and I was in the Navy!

Last we have a shot of my visitor, @Secret_Sauce as he watches the machine work.

I have that same look on my face every time I run it. :heart_eyes:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 24th, 2017

And the laser stuff’s nice, too! :wink:


All of your experiments are wonderful, but I’m especially impressed by your daughter’s graduation gift. It’s so thoughtful and heartfelt!


Nice shop. Love the slatboard and the pull-out for the Forge. The drawer slides hold the weight okay?


The inspiration for an idea used to be the easy part. Making it manifest old school was always a challenge.
Now, it’s the opposite. Not that learning the design software hasn’t been challenging, but grabbing a cold beer while the work is being hammered out is a new experience for David. :sunglasses:


Thanks! Oh yeah, 500 lb. capacity glides. I could sit on it with the forge. About $85 a pair.


Wait!?! You take visitors? You are only 30 minutes from me, might want to rethink that. :rofl:


I grin every time I push it with a finger and it glides back under the workbench, tucked out of the way. I have decided I need more pull-out real estate in there. Pieces of material everywhere.


Mazel tov! Beautiful work.


A new friend is always welcome. :sunglasses:


How do you handle the exhaust hose (going in and out)?


Pipe runs from the shop to the furnace room next to it and out the old furnace roof vent.
(new high efficiency furnace vents through the wall with PVC so the old vent had a vacancy)
Just sent you a picture, but was not delivered. I’m guessing the capitals in it are the issue?
I’ll try again…

Edit; the capitals in you address listed in your profile.



What drawer-slides did you wind up using to support the glowforge? that’s great!


Search @PrintToLaser posts, he has a picture of himself sitting on the shelf fully extended! :astonished:


Oh, those are some fantastic results… and I’m totally jealous of all the space in your work area with your slide out GF table. (Still).


Hey! I recognize that caliper case!


Since I work in gun mfg I recognized the caliper case also. (A certain Italian company that relocated to Tennessee) I can’t WAIT to recognize that look of LASER AWESOMENESS that is lighting up his Face! Ha!


It is awesome. Absolutely. Especially for one as old as I am (62) who knew the old world methods of banging out a project. Cutting, drawing and sculpting with energy… I can work around the limits of 40 watts and Z axis!


Yeah, those belong to Jason, he came armed. :sunglasses:
Mine are 30 years old but did cost me $150 and are good to .0005.


Sorry @james_scheffler, got side tracked.
I don’t have a link handy, but Google 'drawer glides. and the different manufacturers offer a range of capacity. Cheapest I found before I tired of searching was around $85.00.