Testing: Engraving at Max Speed, Full Power - "On/Off Bar Test"

Wasn’t really sure how to title this one but @dan_berry is this what you had in mind for a test?

A series of rectangles with white space between them, to test how quickly the laser switches on and off at maximum speed, full power, using both PG acrylic and PG maple ply.

The plywood sample has my trusty broken-tip X-acto in the frame for scale reference. I did not clean any of the char or soot from this one because I didnt want to break those super fine lines in there. That is impressive.

The red acrylic has one of those fine sewing pins in the frame for reference, I use this for applying CA glue to really small stuff. :slight_smile:


That’s a good start, definitely… for making an actual test pattern, I’d probably make the run a bit longer (like, maybe 2-3 inches) in order to see if it can reliably perform faster switching over a certain distance, but overall that’s a good start.

The acrylic turned out better at the narrower separation than I expected, truth be told. :smiley:
The question is whether it can retain definition over a distance.


I’d recommend longer in both directions, to assess any “wavering” like we saw with the Tardis print.

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With fast movement you’re going to get more travel for the same switching speed, but with slow movement you’re going to get more heat leaking, which will burn out more of the “white” area at the edges. There’s probably a sweet spot.

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