Testing in 1/4" acrylic

I decided I wanted to make a custom domino set in 1/4" clear acrylic. So a little bit of time in illustrator later and I have a file to test for settings.
Attempt 1 didnt cut through till I reran it and got some serious flash back

Attempt 2 had the same problem but my tweaked engraving settings worked better
Attempt 3 had the best engravings but the worst cuts

And attempt 4 had the best cuts but still a little bit of flashback that I need to get rid of on it.

The graphic needs a few changes too but that is proving much easier than nailing down this cut settings


I Like the look, and i could see whats in the other players hand :wink:


Flashback can also be reduced by masking the back of the material and/or lifting it slightly (such as with magnets).


It was masked both sides. I do really like the lifting idea though! Will try that tonight.

You can also lay down a layer of tape on the crumb tray or just some newspaper to reduce flashback when cutting all the way through.