Testing metal engraving with EnduraMark

Figured I’d report my results. TL;DR: This stuff is really forgiving and worked with any reasonable setting. 800/90/270 was possibly my favorite, but the differences are extremely subtle. The whole experiment is on video: https://youtu.be/Bv1r4M5xCx4

Thin spray:

Thick spray:


Very good to know. I’m going to have to get some metal marking stuff soon.

I’m going to compare it with the other famous brand soon. This one requires a bit more fussing as it doesn’t come pre-diluted.


I enjoyed the show. Thanks for putting it here too!

Excellent results, it seems! And, yeah… The difference is definitely subtle! Thanks for sharing the tests!

Curious about the bottom pic, bottom test… 1000/full. The “e” seems off. Is the material warped a little there?

Well that’s useful–thanks for sharing.

Can you try scrubbing your test marks with an abrasive cleaner? Something like a green scrub pad, Bar Keeper’s Friend, Comet, etc.


Good post. I was playing around today and decided to try some gold plated key chains that I found at Michaels. This process took less than 2 minutes. There was not any detectable smell or smoke and I am pleased with how it turned out. I used your 1000/90 for the engraving.


not sure why, but mine doesnt work I got something similar

I’ve not tried any of these since. Maybe the pack I got back in Feb. had a coating that is no longer used on these?

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So speed 800 / 90 power / 270 LPI?