Testing new stock settings

So technically I didn’t make this one on the glowforge so I am going to put it in everything else category, I thought you all would find it interesting.
Previously I have done gun stock engravings on the Glowforge but recently I got the WeCreat vision machine now and have been testing out settings on it. I found a pretty good deep engraving setting but for the fun of it I shifted the engraving forward then made a lighter setting for a ghosting effect.

After doing that I then did the same thing but this time in the same place with this squirrel.

Then lastly I added a fast speed only to the top of it now that I have a way deeper machine to be able to pull this off on to see what it looks like and I kind think it’s cool on that setting too.

Anyway I thought you would find the experiment interesting if your into this kinda thing.


When you said “stock” I presumed PG settings, not settings for a gun stock :stuck_out_tongue:

The ghosting looks really cool! Does the almost white effect fade over time, or is it a function of the wood coating on the stock?


I can’t scratch it off with my fingernail so I think it’s there to stay lol


That last image is pretty nuts. Very pretty nuts.


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