Testing Spray Paint Removal from Ceramic Tile


This is a piece of white ceramic tile that I sprayed with black gloss paint. The reversed an engraving to remove the black parts.

Speed: 1000
Power: Full
Engrave, grayscale: vary power, 340 LPI

Ship of Fools - István Orosz
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Coaster Madness

Ohmygosh, that is amazing! The detail blows me away. And I think you are starting with much nicer tiles than I am. Mine have rounded edges and look a little rough, yours seem so flat and precise. Mind telling us your source?


Cheap .11 white tiles from Lowes. Black 2X gloss primer paint. Good clean art and high LPI.


and totally the right style of image for this effect.


how durable is the paint, I wonder? what will it stand up to, when it’s adhering just to ceramic glaze?


I’m also curious about this. Do you think you could wipe it of dust and grime without running the details? I wonder if maybe sealing it with a clear coat would be beneficial to this, which is what I do with my regular made tiles.

Really cool idea, definitely will be following in your footsteps here. What was the time for this to engrave?


@Bigjohn and @raymondking32 I have been using this one First white tile with an awesome twist

since July, and it hasn’t had any problems. That was a much lighter engrave. I have hand washed it with soap and water before I took the photo.


Cool. what’s the paint?

Thanks in advance!


My first tile used the valspar, the second was the rust-oleum.


27 minutes


Gorgeous tile … Love the image!