Testing With PG Leather

I don’t get a lot of time to play with my GF , so I always try to make the most of it. Pick a material, pick a design, read all the invaluable posts here, and then sit down on my day off and have some fun!

Left to right you can see the experimentation with settings and adjustments to the image based on it.



Welcome to the world of trial and error.

The PG leather needs work. I was told that the masking should be taken off first, which sort of defeats the purpose. My experiment was a fail largely because the masking took leather with it upon tedious removal

I found that wetting the masking post-cutting made the masking peel off without any issues.


Genius! Thanks. I’ll try that.

Looks great. Would you please post the GF settings you found worked the best?

Turned out great! (I like to remove the masking for the engraving part, then reapply it before cutting to reduce the smoke staining. Best of all worlds.)