Tests for some bar pulls and bonus coasters

So a local company contacted me to engrave one of their home brew logos on a couple of tap pulls. Been playing with some different settings and the client and I both like the engrave on the right.

Just for fun I engraved their company logo, along with the brew logo on a couple of coasters I had made up months ago from some poplar. Figured I’d give them to them as decorations lol


I agree go with the one on the right.


Yep, that’s what the client said too lol, I think we have a consensus haha

I really like the wood you used for the coasters. Is it reclaimed?


Thanks, and actually it’s just some super cheap Poplar I got at Lowes and stained with some walnut stain. I made a set of coasters for a friend of mine as a housewarming gift before I even got my glowforge, and had a couple extra left over lol


They will enjoy the coasters!

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Oh he did. I think these were from 3-4 months ago, can’t remember. I may see if he wants to have me actually engrave something on them now that I have a capable machine to do so with

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Thank You, They are really nice. I love the look.

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Thanks! I had no idea really what I was doing when I made those, just went out in the shop and knocked them out


Well after much waiting, the bar I did the pulls for FINALLY put up pictures on their Facebook page. They were all very pleased with the results.



Very nice! :grinning:

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I need a few tap pulls for my house, preferably mounted and ready to dispense. Great job!!!


Me too! That would be nice some days haha

Thanks! I’m going to try covering the top of a bottle opener with cork and see if they would be interested in those too lol

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Though probably wouldn’t get much done. And I’d be living on sponge cake.

Watching the sun bake…