I had a spot on a shelf to fill so I used some oak hdf plywood to put this together yesterday. I need to do a bit more gentle tapping on the joints to make sure they’re all fully in. They are a very tight fit and don’t need any glue.


What luck that you had an empty space calling for this because it is a visual delight.


Thank you so much!

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Nice to look at. Some things just have to be done.


Very cool! How big is it? And what was your inspiration for the design?


Thank you! Each side is 17cm long (6.69"). I was playing around with a box generator and found some platonic solids, so decided I would love to make a tetrahedron . For the pattern I kind of got inspired by those ballbearing mazes, plus there was a recent post that may have had a similar pattern (I think it was a painted cube, it was amazing and even glowed in the dark but I now can’t find it at all.)

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Very cool. Your eyes just travel over the lines:-)

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I’m intrigued by the pyramid design! Well done.

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Love it! We don’t see many tetrahedrons here. I really like nonstandard pieces.

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@cynd11 and @arh2 thank you :slight_smile:

It was slightly aggravating to put together so maybe that’s why there aren’t too many!

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