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Recently while uploading designs I have been getting a lot of "Your design has text. . . " messages. Trouble is, I VERY seldom use text in my designs. Where and why is the message coming to me. By the way this started when I did not upgrade to Premium

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You will get that message when there is text in an SVG that has not been converted to a path.

Glowforge does not support text in SVG, never has. It’s got nothing to do with “premium”…

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Thank you. As I said I have been getting the message on designs that do NOT have text at all. To me its a bother to get messages that don’t apply

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In Inkscape highlight the text and under “Object” click on “Object to Path” and that will take care the issue.

Post one and someone can take a look. It won’t generate that message unless there is text in the file.

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Ok. Thanx

You are very welcome. Enjoy your Thanksgiving…

Huh. I frequently get “this design contains a clip path” messages when there isn’t a clip path (I honestly don’t even know how to create one!), but I’ve never erroneously gotten the text one. :woman_shrugging: If it’s not messing with your ability to create your item, you can just ignore it. :slight_smile:

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I get the text message all the time even though I know there is no text. I ignore it all the time. Unless I forgot to convert text to path when I actually want it to engrave.

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Are you using AI? I believe that’s one of the packages that will keep a text object even if it’s blank. Where you have the text tool enabled and click on the design. Even if you don’t actually type any text, it leaves a text tag that the GF sees and triggers the warning.

There was a version of Inkscape that did the same thing but I don’t think it still does it in 1.0


Illustrator will definitely do this.

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Thankyou. I was wondering if I was the only one or if i had some hidden text

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