Text tips and tricks

Made a quick video tutorial on the most common uses for text in illustrator for the Glowforge’s and how to edit and use them.

Hopefully this helps some newer members out and maybe some seasoned people two who might have never done a few of these towards the end of the video. These are the most commonly asked questions about text and how to do it.


Nice tutorial!





Very new with Aura. Do you have any tips how cut 50 cm welcome sign?

Looks like 50 cm is 19.685 inches so you would need to use the passthrough slot to accomplish that. I personally don’t have an aura but I assume it would be the safe software in the top right corner of the app in the three dots for the passthrough to be used.

The Aura passthrough is not available yet. Afraid that you can’t do a 50cm welcome sign all at once.

That said, you could probably use the Aura to do it with some clever templating and a traditionally-cut backing.

The idea would be that you’d cut out letters and then a template for each section of the sign in less-than-12" chunks, like this.

Say this is your end goal:

I’d choose a good place to split it in half. This blue line looks good:

Now I’d break the design into halves and make a zig-zag line that matches the two halves so they fit like two puzzle pieces, which will keep the alignment correct:

I’d cut it out of cardboard or something inexpensive to use for the alignment jig, then I’d cut the letters out of whatever it is that you want for your final material.

Use the cardboard to line up on your sign backing, and glue your letters in place.

Make sense?