Thank you all


We made history. The team is going out for drinks. I’ll be online this weekend to cheer with everyone.

Also: because we had some outages and some people weren’t able to purchase, we’re going to extend the current pricing + referrals until Monday morning; then prices will go up 20%.


Man you guys deserve what I’m sure is a much needed celebratory drink/drinks! Congrats and cheers!


If we want to upgrade, do we need to do so before Monday to secure the lower pricing, or will we still be able to get the lower pricing because our orders were submitted before the prices were adjusted? Also, if we decide to downgrade later, do we get a full refund or will the refund be adjusted to a lower amount to account for the higher price? Thanks. Just trying to catch you before you grab those drinks. If I already missed you, have one for me!


Pricing ends at the end of the promo. Confirmed in another thread.


The “upgrade cutoff” thread
Lays itout. Had to go find it. :slight_smile:


Congratulation, cant wait to get my hands on the finished product. :+1:


Congratulations, Dan and team! The drinks are well deserved. :+1:


They are off to go attach frickin laser beams to their heads.


@dan I think it’s about time you laser cut a shark with a laser on it’s head design!

On a more serious note bloody well done chap! You all deserve it. I ordered before 150k and I thought that’ll hit a couple of mil! Glad you all proved me wrong, you don’t have to but I’m sure we and the internet would all love some info graphics on the roller coast of a month you have had.(jealous much!)


If my math serves me… First day was Sept 24th so 30 days isn’t until whatever time crowdfunding started on Saturday Oct 24th. Now at $27,928,826 6:18am Seattle time. The record book can still be improved.


Thanks for the sweet deal glowforge (and congrats on the success!)! I’ve been waiting for a deal good enough to pick one up, and not only was this a great price, but you made the smart features of this so much cooler than the other lasers out there. I’m still hyped.

Is this considered a “smart laser” in comparison to others? Haha. I know that buzzword is getting a bit old, but seems appropriate.


rpegg’s actually right - the exact 30 hour count was $27,907,995. (We also had a few test orders before 9am EST / 6am PST that I’m excluding from the total). Will update the homepage tomorrow with the final count.


Hi dan and gang!

Thank you so much for letting the few of us (who had problems getting our money over to you in time for the exact 30 hour count) get the 50% even though we came in a little late! You guys rock! =D

Was there an exact total presented elsewhere of boxes pre-ordered during the drive?
Or will the numbers be calculated for each exact month?

Huge thanks again!


Hi everybody,
Does anyone know until when the referral links are active?
The price has gone up but would be nice if people could continue using the links.