Thank you Glowforge - Alignment issue 😄

I want to thank everyone at Glowforge for their quick response and great support. I’ve read plenty of posts with people complaining about support, but I really feel their problems have all been because they want that traditional, on the phone support. I, on the other hand, don’t care how you support me, as long as you support me. Well, you guys knocked it out of the park this time. This is my feeling after only one test print on my replacement, so I hope I’m not jinxing myself, but I am OK if I do because I have total confidence that the team at Glowforge will take care of me.

I recently posted an issue about alignment that was almost half an inch off in some spots. The team at Glowforge responded to my post in less than 24 hours and emailed me with an option to replace in less than 48 from my complaint. Now, in less than a week from my responding to the email that I want to go forward with my replacement, I have a great working laser sitting in my basement.

I did the same score test as before and now the score marks are so close to the image on the screen that you can’t even really see them on the screen. Check out the pictures below. This is what I expected from a laser. This is great!

Thank you Team Glowforge!

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(The team members that interacted with me)

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That’s amazing, wish my replacement was that accurate!


Whoa, I’ve had a replacement or two, and the latest was definitely more aligned than the previous ones, not nearly as good as this, though! Score! I think the team is awesome and very generous when it comes to these replacements, glad this has worked out for you :+1:


You give me hope. I had a machine that was very well calibrated for the lid camera images, design placement and eventual operations. Not much of a skew in the corners. Very good after images. I know what is possible. Zatoichi’s replacement Owen is very reliable for operations, but alignment is not what I am used to at all. Am getting my data together for a post in Problems and Support. I’m right in the middle of a big job for multiple LED signs. I’m almost done getting the parts done.

It’s a pain not to be able to use the scraps efficiently and even getting initial alignment of large sheets to ensure I’m not wasting.

I agree. I have had very good responses from support. They do work with you for getting problems solved. Glad you are back in business better than ever.


For me, alignment was the biggest issue. It sucks the most to have everything ready and it looks great on the screen, only to be scoring or engraving off the edge of your part. It’s not a big deal at all if you are working with a sheet of material, but being able to engrave on something is the reason I wanted a laser. It’s going to be great to not waste material either making bad engravings or spending my time making jigs for everything I want to engrave. Be patient and I know you’ll have as good of an experience as I have with the GF team.

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Wish we could run a calibration pattern and let it “reset”.


I agree 100%.

I understand their reluctance. You’ll have people who don’t know what they’re doing try it and be furious when they don’t get it right. Then it will be a support nightmare for GF. But I agree with you completely that we should have the ability to calibrate if we want. GF should sell the calibration pattern to anyone who wants to do it.

Wow, maybe I need a replacement.

Probably not worth the gamble. That’s pretty much the best alignment I’ve ever seen. @dystracktd won the GF lottery, there!


Wow. I thought this was something we just have to live with. What’s the answer for the majority of GF users?

Jack (not Christine)

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My alignment was bad. Almost half an inch off on the right side. Make a target like I did, 1 inch circle with 1.5 inch lines crossed in the middle. place them around a piece of proofgrade material and see what you get. I don’t think GF is doing anything unless your off more that 1/4 inch. But I don’t work for GF so I can’t speak for them. Post a thread in support or email them and let them do their job. They really took care of me quickly.

I hope every gets the best machine they can get.

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My alignment runs the 1/4” margin. I keep hoping that their learning software and stored details for my machine will magically show up as spot on alignment someday.

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What sucks is that it is a gamble. It shouldn’t be. That level of precision is what we all deserve. It’s what we were all promised.


It’s coming. :slight_smile:

There is no sending a unit back for alignment errors of 1/4" or less. And are plenty of times that replacements have come back with worse alignment than a defective unit. Have confidence that a S/W enabled fix will eventually be released. No confidence that it will happen when we need or want it, since that time has long passed.


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