Thankful for Premium Designs

So I have spent weeks redoing my Excel list where I keep track of all of my files I use. I actually have three different files, including “Files by Groups,” “Misc,” and “Seasons and Holidays.” While the first one has everything I have (although still not complete, as I’m still working on it), it’s just divided by where I get the files from - GF Premium, and all the various vendors I buy from. The other two have multiple “sheets” specifying things like “boxes,” “games,” “kitchen,” etc., or “Spring,” “Easter,” Summer," “4th of July,” etc. Just to make it easier to find what I am looking for. Files from "Free Designs are in a completely different file so I remember not to use them for other than personal use.

So just out of curiosity, I counted how many Glowforge Premium files I have. So far to date I have 516!! And I know there are a TON of files I haven’t added to my dashboard, because I know I won’t use them for whatever reason. Have I used all the files I have added to my dashboard?? Heavens no. But I also haven’t used a lot of the ones I’ve purchased from elsewhere. But just the fact that there is such a vast array of files available, free for me to use as a Premium subscriber, makes it so worthwhile. I am not a great designer myself, and having the availability to use designs made by others is a tremendous blessing to me. And knowing that each time I print a catalog design pays the designer, is a blessing to them as well. That doesn’t happen with files you buy online elsewhere.

So am I a believer is subscribing to GF Premium? You bet I am. Especially when I know my list will continue to grow. So thank you to all who submit designs to the catalog. I just want you to know that you are truly appreciated.


So much this.
I haven’t counted but I’ve downloaded, at minimum, hundreds. When the catalog first started there were very few designs I was interested in as they were mostly very simple flat designs, but in the past couple of years the number of “Yes I could design that myself, but someone has done all the hard lifting for me.” designs has grown exponentially!




Exactly. Even with the simple designs. Why try to reinvent the wheel? :grinning:


Most of my efforts recently have been to making designs for the catalog reaching for new ways to go. The hardest part is the photography and documentation after the piece is done. That magic thing has been a huge time hole lately but may make new designs as well.


Couldn’t agree more. I just have to keep telling myself that I’ll only have to do that one time…and that helps.


But for each one :persevere: and often more than once if I discover an issue.


I too appreciate the premium perks. It so easy to create something cool someone else has already designed for us. Especially for those of us not design savvy! One of these days when I retire, I’m going to concentrate on designing!!


I am retired, but my design skills are almost non-existent!


I applaud your incredible discipline!


I somethings think I love organizing more than I do using things! I used to do the same when I did a lot of scrapbooking and card making with rubber stamps. I had over 1,000 stamp sets, which I converted to all being used with the acrylic blocks, so removing them from their wooden backers, placing them all in cd jewel cases and labeling the cases. I would stamp each set into a book, divided by categories, so I knew what I had, and because I kept the cases in alphabetical order, could easily grab them. Just must be the secretarial part of me that likes lists, categories, etc. :rofl:


I’m afraid to say I’m the same way. It is too easy to over accumulate, and really helps when you have processes in place.


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