Thanks to Glowforge for the NY Maker Faire Grant!


It seemed like a long shot to get into the NY Maker Faire without my laser, but with help from a local Community college and the wonderful Glowfriend @cynd11 from here on the forum I made it in and got the GF grant. It was a lot of work getting ready but it was worth it. Two friends helped me with the booth and @dan, @bailey, @penelope and all the wonderful Glowforge staff were great! What an amazing event! So cool to meet Dan and his wife and kids.

October 2017 Update

I loved your table, so many great ideas. Thanks for doing it and thanks to :glowforge: for helping it happen.


Sounds like an exciting time! Loved your sign!


Wow! Incredible output in such a short time! That living hinge divider is something else–did you do that with the passthrough? I love all your items, and was glad to facilitate your entry. Wondering if you found your Glowforge easy to use.


Thanks @cynd11, Yes, I made the sign with the passthrough. I told @dan it is the “before”. I will make the “after” when the new alignment features come online. It took several days since they made me go back to work after my two week Glowforgeing vacation. And yes it is easy and fun to use!


It was a well-put-together booth! Sure shows off some skill! I was showing the chess pieces/board to a co-worker this morning and she was blown away. Also by the box with the lid (not pictured here). But she loved everything. I e-mailed her your website. :slight_smile:


Thanks Tom


Can’t believe how much you got done…all those chess pieces and the board as well! :grinning:


I haven’t slept much in the last few weeks, but I am happy! What a fun adventure. Now all I have to do is make things to sell in my Etsy shop and craft shows.


Three great photos @nancielaing! The first one is neat because there are two very happly young ladies in the foreground and an equally happy guy that looks like he photo bombed the shot for just a touch of humor.

The second photo is endearing!

The third photo is motivational because it shows what we will be able to do soon, for those of us that have yet to receive the email. Love the super long hinge! Wow, Wow, Wow!!!

Thanks for the post!


The photobomber is the Youtuber Evan from EvanAndKatelyn I believe. I like their channel, it’s fun.

Edit to add: Maybe they’re Glowforge orderers?



That was indeed Evan! They came by our booth - delightful couple.

Nancie, I just loved hanging out with you. Your work was stunning and nobody could believe that you just got your laser 3 weeks ago! Absolutely amazing!


Ooh! Great video too! Love the little marble maze in action! :grinning:


Thanks Dan, I enjoyed meeting you and your family. And your team! Thank you for all the support, and ice cream!


Well Done Nancy! :sunglasses: thanks for sharing your experience.

I spied a few of Jule’s jewels there on display!


I did too and it was kind of embarrassing. (Especially after seeing the videos of the grant offerings - not gonna do that again.)


I’m confused, I would be proud to see my work displayed as an example.
Videos of the grant offerings? :thinking:


Awww! Thanks for sharing! I wish I could have been there! Looks so fun :squeeee:


She’s being ridiculous :wink: