Thanksgiving update


There are still 7 days in the month of November you know?


Is November over already? I must have silently missed it. :wink:
Last I checked there’s still another week.


plus 1 !!!

Made my Wednesday !!! Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Dan and Family and all my friends on the forum !!!


So now that the pre-release units are going; how long till we get delivery of our units (I am in the first batch). I have a ton of projects I am working on for courses and such - getting real tired of paying shapeways for get stuff made I could have done.


@dan notes that by Friday next week, he will be posting that schedule.


Nothing’s changed. First units out by EOY.


Wow Thanks Dan :smiley: we knew you where working hard to get all done.

We miss you here in the forum but we preferred you get focus in the final lap of the pre orders :slight_smile:

And congrats to @martinell.jan and @RyanMilles and @nyomi.lei for being quoted and thanks to all the beta because thanks to your job we got this announcement :slight_smile:


Not for sure yet (there’s still a week left and some may have already occurred) but there is ambiguity in the announcement in that it notes pre-release shipments will be going out over the next few weeks but it’s not clear if those are the ones Dan was referring to as the November ones or if those might include the first-30-day-buyers too. Dan’s also hedging his “end of month” commitment to an announcement by extending it to “before Friday” next week.

Regardless, we’ll likely hear in a week what’s up with ours and then we’ll all know for good or bad.


Aw congrats, @dan, I can’t imagine how simultaneously stressful / stress-relieving reaching these milestones must be!


Got it fixed, so the published version will be correct. Sorry about that, @martinell.jan!


Thank you!


This is astoundingly amazing news! Thank you, Dan. I’m SO excited!


And now we’ll simply listen to the ramp up of speculations until Friday next week.


bad moment to be out of likes :cry: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m right on the edge of being out of ‘likes’ right now, too…but at least I got through most of this post before it happened.


If the GF will get here faster - I’ll vote for skipping that last week !! :grinning: We’ll all officially skip to December after Friday !!! :evergreen_tree:


This is starting to feel real. :tada:


Exciting update!!! The announcement of partnering with FLEX shouldn’t be overlooked. I’m certain others can state it more eloquently but partnering with a strong company with proven track records of best in class performance in innovation, production and delivery brings an additional layer of validity and passion to everything we have already heard. Thank you Glowforge team!!!


Great update!


Just trying to get it straight in my head the different units :slight_smile: Am I correct in thinking:

Beta units = Units that are sent out to beta users to test and give feedback
Pre-release units = Units from the crowd funding campaign period (this is just an assumption)
Final release = The units ordered after the crowd funding campaign

(this is PURE speculation haha)