That cart we've all looked at

Saw this in my feed today. I might actually pull the trigger and get the harbor freight one you all have been talking about for months.


Wow, the difference between the two is pretty significant! It looks like a great cart, I’d definitely pull the trigger if I was in the market for one. Lots of great storage space and looks to be a nice height.


Has anyone put a GF on top of one of these? At 18", how is the fit? Also, are the drawers the right size to store full size PG sheets? If the fit is good, I’m going to scramble to get one so I can look at the empty top for a while. That should help. Thanks!


Yeah, that Harbor Freight one…



That’s really nice - unfortunately I need one 38" or less for my GF. No room to spare. :frowning:

TIL about rivnuts! They look pretty useful.


outstanding review! Thanks for linking us to it.


My glowforge is arriving tomorrow. Should I get the Yukon rolling table? Are you happy with it? Do all 4 wheels lock? There was a review that not all of the canisters lock. Is it sturdy enough for the fan on the glowforge or does it shake too much? Thank you-any information would be helpful


The glowforge is 20.75 inches in width. The Yukon says it is only 18 inches in width. Did you buy the Yukon and it was too narrow to fit the glowforge? Thank you

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I have my GF on an 18" cabinet. The 20.75" GF is the outer limits of its housing. The feet are inset a couple of inches both front & back. They’re plenty stable and well supported on my cabinet (not a Yukon though).


The GF sits well on the Yukon, all feet are well supported, though there’s a few inches of front-back overhang since the machine is deeper than the top shelf.

The top drawer is perfectly sized to store two stacks of PG material, about 20 sheets per stack. None of the other drawers are wide enough for full sheets.