That moment when

You realize that you forgot to flip the image that you are reverse engraving…



Or you forgot to add that hole to the center of the design, and realize because you moved it in the GFUI, there is no way to add it.


I would eyeball it zoomed in. :grin:

@jbpa, let me help ease your pain. Custom furniture buyer wanted his brand on the leather. “I could do that”. Guy gave me his card with the brand on it. I cut and welded up a branding iron and got it hot. 2 things happened.
#1 was the test scrap shriveled up around the iron like an anus. :no_mouth:

#2 "It’s Backwards?!! :roll_eyes:


Out of curiousity, does GFUI have any kind of “flip x” button? I couldn’t find one, and just sort of assume it will exist someday.

(I couldn’t figure out how to rotate our images, either.
Move? Yes.
Resize? Yes.
Rotate? No.

This is a difference between having a raster image and a vector image loaded. You had a raster image.


You can select it when zoomed out, but to zoom in deselects it, and then it is impossible to select the correct shape (can’t even tell which one it is).

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As in your example to put a hole in a design, first place the hole close to the spot and then zoom in. Shouldn’t be hard to find then.

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No, it’s not, but then you have no markers to use to judge if the hole is in the center of the design. A rough alignment can be done by placing the whole design, with the hole plus everything else, at 100% zoom, and then using the arrow keys to roughly line that up. But once you zoom in, there is no way to select just the updated design with the hole.

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My first. Learned a bunch. Adding that to the list, I guess.