THE 3D Engrave

Im not trying to argue with you. I dont have anything to prove. I was just trying to help you out by relaying the information theyve given me. If you blow off everything thinking you know better, theres no point in me responding anymore. Im just a bystanding customer like yourself.

Hopefully the glowforge staff will post something in the coming days that will sate your curiosity. I know I wont mind any juicy vids of 3d engraving goodness.


I, too, was blown away with the detail of the 3D engrave. It almost made me forget to read the last of the email.

@takitus if you repeat the cheer-leading as to why something can’t or hasn’t been done, it doe sn’t help either. When I see something that doesn’t add up, I’ll challenge it.

I also do not want to argue, and at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding. Like you said, the glowforge staff will hopefully post something - If @dan is serious about trying to rebuild confidence, he will be a bit more forthcoming with updates.

It just irks me when “we have no time to give you updates, trust us, and we will deliver” type messaging from Glowforge - If your schedule does not allow for someone to take a 5 minute video and post it every month, then you can’t meet your deadlines.

Lets wait and see for what is to come in the next days. Certainly is going to weigh heavily in my decision to ask for a refund or not.


video production has gotten easier, but it still takes time to make something nice.

The 2500$price isn’t 2500, there’s a lot more.

The redsail clone I bought was 2800 at the time, with 345 in shipping, another 380 for a reliable chiller unit that has active refrigeration. About 100$ in tubing, distilled water, antifreeze, and Rubbermaid bin for the reservoir. About 800$ for electrician to wire my garage with 2 20amp circuits with gfi breakers(building code here) and tandem breakers in my main power box(as my breaker box is at full capacity).

Not withstanding the headache that came with it, it cannot do 3d engrave. The control board and power supply is not set for variable power.

And the machine is too large to fit through any door on my house. It’s a garage only thing. Which means at least 4 months of the year, the tube is out and in warm storage(I had mine cut out 2-3 weeks ago).

The current Glowforge units do use the depth sensor and measure height at a single point

The problem will be that the software doesnt fully correct for lens and perspective distortion, and incorrectly transforms points from the lid camera source image to x and y points on the bed.

Lens distortion will be fixed, but perspective distortion will vary depending on the height of the material. I’m surprised they don’t use the macro camera for scanning traces, since it would allow you to compensate for perspective distortion even on uneven materials, but maybe that’s a future improvement


I completely understand. If you look at my post history from the past you’ll see many posts with these same exact sentiments.

Thanks - based on that experience I wouldn’t be happy with a Redsail. I could manage the power connection but no 3D engrave and that large a footprint are both show stoppers for me.

I do appreciate the reply though.

The wood is 0.5" thick - you can see me hold it in the live Q&A if you’re curious.


I believe someone’s got a gopro stuck in a laser now. I’ll be offline until Saturday night and it may take some time getting it uploaded, but should have something in the next few days.


Yeah it was much thicker than I originally thought. You guys should take a macro lens to it and toss it up though, as I don’t think people will be satisfied until then. Or simply send it to me and I’ll do it for you ~~~~~ (kidding).


The depth sensor works, but the whole “measure, transform, update the trace” pipeline isn’t done, and we’ve got more refinements to the depth compensation algorithm coming.


Indeed. We filed the most recent round of patents just a few weeks ago.


This is all exactly correct.


I don’t expect it tonight. some folks might question the reality of it if it takes more than a week to arrive. I try to stay off the computer on the weekends anyway.

I took a photo of a sample cross-section of the people in the forum today…


I’m mister meeseeks!




It looks like they took it as a challenge to incorporate as many possible textures and patterns into one image as possible! And the design still works! Beautiful!


Thanks for your repost of the link - I had missed it!

Quote from Dan… (not tagging or doing an official quote as to not add to his notifications…)
The wood is 0.5" thick - you can see me hold it in the live Q&A if you’re curious.

It’s at 33:35 for anyone who wants to jump right to it.

(It looks good! The live stream was filtered through a potato, but it’s still a better look than the single low-res photo from the email.)