The Antikythera Tablets

This is a shameless plug for one of our own from the olden times (pre-release). @m_raynsford did a great set of fractal puzzles (he posted the files for some of them here and on his website) as well as the eponymous sharks-with-lasers and a host of other really cool laser projects.

Last year he did a series of fractal puzzles on Kickstarter and they were immediately copied by some miscreant although when folks here found out a bunch squawked and Kickstarter took the offender down.

This year it looks like he’s got something even more diabolical (and incredibly more difficult to copy). Since he’s not posting it, I figured I would - I’ve already gotten in on the early bird so I can afford to let you all in on the campaign too :smiley:

I have a son who is going to be seriously challenged for Christmas this year. And with Martin I’m certain it’ll be here on time (usually I don’t count on Kickstarters to meet their dates - his did last year and no doubt it’s a good bet this year too).


I love this so much.

I probably would have got round to posting it but there’s a lot of channels and I’ve been rather busy since last night.
It’s 100% funded in 12 hours which is great news. It is definitely harder to copy than the fractal puzzles, I’ve been quite coy about what I’m showing in advance too. They are also diabolically tricky (some of them) and not in a ‘that makes no sense’ way, they’re all logical just difficult.

Being funded already means production already which means I should hit my targets, they are all tested for production, jigs made and assembly practised don’t want to keep people waiting.


:grin: I saw your full funding update this morning. Can’t be happier for you.

It’s a really clever idea and the teasers look great. My son will love it. (He’s still waiting for his Silenda Codex although he doesn’t know it. :slightly_smiling_face:) This will probably be a remote Christmas for the family and I expect a phone call Christmas afternoon from San Francisco with teeth gnashing background noises.

Thanks for coming back with the new project.


Well, there’s mom’s Christmas gift…
She gonna hate me.


Trying to fix my campaign doldrums by giving away a set of tablets. A simple follow/retweet giveaway over on twitter, maybe one of you guys will get lucky?

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