The best paper airplane?

I was reading this article and was intrigued. The best paper airplane?

Sadly, no. Not even close. But it did give me some happy time in Inkscape tracing curves and adjusting nodes, instead of a few minutes with a pair of scissors. I need the practice.

Tried it first on paper:

That was disappointing, so I tried cardstock.

500/2 to score on paper, 200/2 on cardstock. 200/2 to cut paper, 200/15 to cut cardstock.

Meh. The design is floppy and finicky to adjust. Plus it needs a paper clip for weight, and who has those. But here is my attempt if anybody wants to try it. (465.5 KB)


Wow, this caused the Way Back machine to kick in.

In the early 50’s my Uncle showed us how to make a very cool plane, that if made carefully with precise folds, would fly out, do a loop, and return.
It had a flat (non-eye-jabbing) point so was considered parent approved.
This looks like a high tech version.

(Funny. I just noticed a paper clip in my photos. None needed here, but gave me a chuckle.)

Here it is. Fold left over, then repeat with right edge.
Fold the weighted nose, smaller nose makes plane work different than larger one (experiment).
Form wings, then rip a tail from the back body section and fold it up.

I tucked this SVG away for when get my laser. Interested in the flight pattern it makes.
When you got a hammer, everything is a nail.
When you got a glowforge, everything is a laser cut.


Bummer about the plane, but thanks for sharing the experiment! This could be an interesting design for those powered paper airplane kits…

Agreed, everything I look at now is "I wonder if that would fit in the Glowforge…

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In fifth (?) grade we had a paper airplane contest at school. You made an entry for distance and one for duration. My duration design was very similar to the one you posted but was folded differently so that you didn’t have that bit of a flap on the one side. Otherwise the shape and idea is the same.

Mine flew about three times longer than any other. The roll of Life Savers was mine. :smiley: Didn’t do as well in the distance competition.

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No matter what metric people want to use… this will always be my “best” paper airplane vote:

Saw John Collins doing a booth at Maker Faire, and watching this guy fly was impressive.