The BEST product for cleaning lenses

Since there has been so many comments I want to clarify a few things. First and foremost I do not use these on my GF!!!

Some type of cleaner has to be applied to the lense before you use the wipes.

Kimberly Clark gave the company that my husband works for 1000 boxes of these wipes. My husband came home with a few boxes and thought I could use them for some sort of craft project.

Ended up just using them for their intended purpose.

OMG!!! They are beyond incredible.

If you wear glasses, or you have lenses to clean I highly recommend this product. Amazon sells them and they have great reviews.


You should clarify, these are great for general purpose but NOT for the Glowforge lense, windows and mirror. They are not lint-free, and contain dimethyl ammonium chloride - ANYTHING with Chlorine shouldn’t go anywhere near the Glowforge optics.


Wait. Huh? I’m not seeing what you’re seeing.

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These are dry wipes, right? How are they better than Zeiss wipes?

I’m just generally confused by all the commentary on this thread. I feel like I missed something. :slight_smile:

SDS on McKesson -

i thought he was saying they’re *NOT a substitute, let alone better, then zeiss wipes.

That SDS is for the wrong product. The SDS in the link is for the surface sanitizing wipes. This is what I’ve found so far on the wipes above:

That reply was for the OP.

I am seriously in doubt that the surface of the lens would get hot enough to decompose the product into molecular chlorine gas. The lens better not be absorbing enough in that defocused state to get that hot (otherwise you would never end up with dust on the lens). Now that compound may be damaging to the lens (I recall Dan saying the specific Zeiss wipes are the only safe compound for that lens material. I agree with the principal of “don’t wipe your expensive laser lenses with just anything…”


Without any direct experience with that product, I don’t think I would be comfortable using any dry wipe to clean the surfaces of the Glowforge mirrors and lenses. Smoke particles are sticky and abrasive. This is not your average eyeglass dust…

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Kimtech wipes are a bit of a funny subject in the optics world. Some people swear by them, others say to avoid them for the coated lenses at all costs. YMMV but in any case, if you intend to use them on optical surfaces they need to be lubricated appropriately to prevent damaging the surface. Some people using them for telescope optics recommend using methanol + the kimtech wipe. At the end of the day, the lenses aren’t crazy expensive to replace (or difficult), but it would be an excellent idea to ensure that you have a spare on hand should you scratch up your lens.


I don’t use any unlubricated wipes on any lenses (glasses or laser) but these are super for cleaning up SLA resins. I use them to wipe off the plate - better than paper towels.

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I edited my post to clarify how I use them. I do not use these on my GF!!!


I use a wet cleaner before I use the wipes.

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