The biggest foldable box to fit on the bed of a Glowforge

I was looking at my latest playing with cardboard and trying the usual fingered boxes and not liking the results as cardboard is a bit delicate for using a hammer to push it together. Then I remembered that Inkscape made foldable boxes! So I tried one and discovered that what it made was a series of basically rectangles, with a few chamfers which would print fine but not with a Glowforge. So I put in way too much work and scaled it down and down till one was able to print on the bed of a Gowforge, where it was a bit small for most things so I am putting it up here.


The blue is cutlines and the red a blurry score to let it bend in the right places. It is approximately 3x3x2

I scooched some stuff about a bit and left two of the tabs only partially cut so you can do bigger than will fit but you need to leave overlap and cut with scissors.


Thanks. I am going to give this a try one day.

Thanks, I’ve used the foldable boxes in the past and love them. I suppose you could cut this in half, and make a tab to glue to the other cut part and double the size? Haven’t tried that but I’m thinking it 'should ’ work:-)
Thanks for the share!


In theory, you could make it much bigger with a pro, but I have not even started there yet. I did make that one and the bottom tabs were based on an earlier point and so are too short :man_facepalming: I will update the fix.


Hate it when that happens:-)

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Thanks. More stuff for the todo pile

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Nice, brilliant for gift boxes!


Use this site to create folding box templates of all sorts: ✂Templatemaker ︎


Thankyou :grin:

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Thank you for the link!

Templatemaker has come up before, for more info and discussion:

There are lots of good discussions about box making in there.