The biggest "Negative" I forsee

OK, first off I’ve rode along on this train since, just like everyone else, I recognized a great idea. To take a highly specialized technology and make it accessible (and usabe) by most anyone. I have watched the truly amazing and creative exploits of @Jules, @takitus, @karaelena, @marmak3261 and so many others. To paraphrase @dan when you have a laser everything looks like it needs to be cut. (Or engraved ha!) Anyway, I’ve followed along posting occasionally, (yes admittedly usually it is humorous) and often checking the calendar. Now the awaited time appears to be approaching if not already peeking in the mail slot. Now I am staring into the abyss… after all the posts of others… how much room is enough? Not for the GF, but for the other stuff. Leather, foam, cardboard, tiles, vinyl substitutes… Yama, yada, yada. I faced enough headache with my wife when I got a credit card for this purchase (I’ve not had a credit card in almost 20 years), and now I’m faced with telling her that her convertible must reside outside to make room for materials that I may or may not get around to using anytime soon. Oh look… wooden notebooks (laserable) … gotta go, … maybe I need some filing cabinets…


Right now I don’t have much room… I am planning on putting everything in my living room, which is also my craft space and where my jewelry bench is… However, my husband and I are planning on moving to a bigger apartment and when that happens I plan on having a crafting room… a WHOLE ROOM devoted to all things maker…

Now, with all that being said, I have noticed that with the right vertical shelving space you can save a LOT of room and may only need to take up a 5’ x 5’ square or a 10’ x 3’ long space if you need to compact towards the wall. Doing this I would suggest vertical or horizontal paper trays, a kitchen counter style bench, and then shelves with baskets for above the bench.

This is of course just my 2 cents and I hope it helps! :smiley:


Just go ahead and start building a car port.
You don’t have to stockpile material as logistics has gotten so good but one digitool is never enough. I see a cnc or 3d printer in your future. Even if you use the :glowforge: the most a second will keep you from seeing everything as a nail.
I’m at one cnc, a 3d printer, the glowforge and should have another cnc before the end of the year.
Fabricate all the things!


i wish you could see my office right now…

Oh wait…no I don’t! Chuckle! :smile:


Pictures Pictures Pictures… We want to see Demon’s Hedgehog dwellings… :laughing:


Ceilings are usually 8 feet high, lots of shelving options are available and folding step stools are portable… I don’t see what the issue is. :smiley:

It’s never enough… Law of Explosive Hobby Disorder. :slight_smile:


You add on an extra stall to the garage and then add a second level to the garage to contain the workshop.

At least that’s what I’m considering for different but similar circumstances. The convertible does NOT go outside.


My wife’s convertible doesn’t. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Mine does :slightly_frowning_face: but that’s because there’s a project bike on the lift on my side of the garage.


You might want to consider just-in-time material purchasing for projects, if only to preserve your marriage.

A wise person once told me “you should only store what the stores don’t have”.
Of course I have always ignored that advice.


Totally agree, just-in-time, lean, goes by different names but between McMaster and Amazon prime I see the only reasons to stockpile are to get a good deal or for that one thing you have trouble getting in a timely manner.
The other side of that coin is it sure is nice to just have certain materials as you need them.


Understandable. Some convertibles are more equal than others.