The Cake is Real


A derivative work…
I really like this guy’s stuff.
I loved the game, and I adore the glowforge, so it was a good match!

I kind of defocused the background to give it sort of a depth of field. Happy with that effect. The black was cut from the same material as the engraving and glued on top. That also gives a bit of dimension. The cake and the lens are sharpie colored white glued on top. All framed up in :proofgrade: black acrylic.
My Son owns a couple pieces of the artist’s originals, which is where I was introduced to Deviant Art.


Oh that looks sharp! Great job on it! :sunglasses::+1:


Too easy to pick out my black sharpie lines huh? I’m going to have to go back with my rapidograph and clean that up. Too bad I didn’t cut them with the other, I thought drawing them in might help with the depth perception. Man I’m having fun. :sunglasses:

Edit; Bad picture too, there is a reflection of the rafter on the ceiling along the bottom.


Chuckle! No I don’t see any Sharpie lines…which ones are they? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Click on it twice…


WOW. That’s gorgeous, and what a tribute to the artist’s work.

I have to say, I thought it was hilarious that the artist did a Thundercats piece. Weird little piece of my childhood right there.


Okay, I had to zoom in to find one. I don’t think you need to fret the Sharpie line. (I just thought it looked sharp!) :joy:


That is gorgeous! :cake::+1:


Thank you all!
That file kicked my butt (learned a lot). I ran 9 tests to get happy with it.


I like the depth of field look you achieved with the defocused background. Very nicely done. I didn’t even notice the color in the piece until you mentioned it, but when I blow it up, looks great!


Yeah, the soft background contrasting the sharp cut of the laser really helps the depth of field illusion.


Now your are thinking with portals :wink:


But if it and the coffee maker get real quiet whenever you walk into the room…I’m just saying it has a laser.


This is amazing! Haha. <3