The creation thread for Destiny 2 Triumph Seals

This is a Work In Progress thread. Going to start journaling creations as I do them. Most will be experiments, so expect a few failures along the way.

Current Project - Destiny 2 Triumph Seals

Prototyping. I’m planning to make these from yellowheart hardwood, but I need to make sure the designs can properly engrave. It took me multiple days to convert the in-game images into vector format with 95% accuracy. Some parts are thicker or thinner than found on the images so that they can engrave better, but there are still more fixes to be made.


People who play the game will probably settle for close enough.
From here they look grand.


What do you do with them?

They look good.

Is the background engrave texture from the file, or the natural variation in wood density?

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Triumph Seals are achieved when someone 100% completes a part of the game. It’s extremely difficult. People can buy the official ones from Bungie Store only with a code they receive if they complete all required tasks. They are metal seals that are displayed in velvet boxes. And of course, as a GF machine user, anything with a box can be made XD

Thank you!!

Natural variation of the wood. I rather like it. Adds a bit of life to the seals C:


Very nice! And the price is right.

Well when they get the code the price drops to $20 haha. The high price tag stops just anybody from getting it.

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Your engraved textures do not look like « burnt » wood, did you do anything else to condition the texture to not look that way?

Uhm… Good question. I think I just used the HD settings? I don’t remember if I used those or my own settings haha. I’ve never really had “burnt” wood in my engraves though, or at least not often.

I must be doing something wrong then. All of my engraves result in burnt wood. Anyone can suggest what I’m doing wrong or a link to small tutorial or another post on this forum.

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