The Dark Copperhead - Illustrator & SVG


Per my other thread in the “Made on…” forum, here are the design files.

If you make it be sure to post some pics!!!

InterwovenStrap (196.1 KB)

Wierdness on the SVG. Don’t know why. Saved it with correct params/props. Save/view the file and all the correct cut lines are there. Loaded in AI just fine too, so I know it’s usable.


Just in case some are having issues with downloading either of the files above, here’s a zip containing the Illustrator file, SVG, and a PDF. (322.5 KB)


Thanks for the files!

Zipping it is usually your best bet. Discourse strips out information from the SVG quite often. You can save your SVGs with “presentation attributes” (in Illustrator) and they should present properly here.