The date for us?!

We are from Taiwan and Hong Kong.
We are so worry and want a date for our shipment.
We saw the pro version is shipping in us now, and still nothing for Asia.


If we have the same problem oversea, will us able to get new one without paying more for replacement?


no international shipments have been announced.

if it shows up broken, they will pay to get you a new one, but i think future warranty claims are not necessarily shipping included.

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Where have you read that future warranty claims will require owners to pay for shipping? I would be surprised if this is the case.

From the warranty page:

“For U.S. Customers only, Glowforge will provide a prepaid shipping label and a Return Materials Authorization label that must be placed inside the box. For U.S. Customers only, Glowforge will pay shipping costs to return repair or replacement products. For International Customers, Glowforge will provide a Return Material Authorization label that must be placed inside the box. International Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping an authorized warranty return to Glowforge and for prepayment of return shipping.”


Thank you

To anyone who has received a recent shipment of a Glowforge:
Does the unit have UL, ETL, MET, CE and/or FCC markings on it (or any other certification marks)?

This may give some indication as to the progress on certification for overseas shipping.


OMG! It is a bad news for us.

I received mine, today. This is the label on back.


And I have nothing received yet. Not even an email for my address.

The vast majority of us have not either.

You may be thinking about how some crowdfunding campaigns immediately ask for shipping addresses from everyone at the close of the funding.

That’s not the way Glowforge is doing it.

When they are ready to start the process of shipping your Glowforge, they send you an email to confirm you still want it. Then you fill out a form on the web site to provide your current shipping address.

So you haven’t been forgotten. All shipments so far have only been in the USA, and they are still processing orders from the first few days of the initial campaign.