The delivery schedule delay and delay, again and again

I don’t understand why. It takes a too LONG time for delivery…
all of you already received the machine?

Which model and how long have you been waiting?

I ordered the Plus on Nov. 15 and it was delivered on the 24th. Not too bad considering Thanksgiving was in there.

What model and where is it to be delivered?

basic model and deliver to Hong Kong

Basic model. and i bought it in the project begin…


I can’t find it right now, but somewhere in here (the discussion of the April update?) they talk in general terms about the widely ranging government requirements to ship a laser into the country. They’ve gotten a bunch through, but there are a lot of countries in the world so…

It doesn’t help, but it’s not like they’re just maliciously keeping your :glowforge: from you. They’re actually trying to comply with the laws as written…and that’s hard, especially in countries where kick-backs are kinda the normal method of doing business.

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The Basic models have been on backorder - I ordered mine November 25th and it has an estimated delivery date of January 1, 2019. When I was looking prior, I checked each month in October and November to see if the Basic was back in stock but they all had 30 day estimated times to get back in stock. Fingers crossed I get mine by the estimated delivery date :slight_smile:

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