The Doctor Is In

I found some great patterns on Etsy and went as a plague doctor for Halloween. These are the first leather items I’ve stitched but since the holes were prefectly cut by the GF I couldn’t be happier with the results.


Nice leather work :sunglasses:


Those are the first things you stitched? If so, wow, that’s really good work. I mean it’s good either way, but if that’s your first piece, you are off to a good start.


So awesome! Really nice work on the stitching, too!


Really outstanding leather work! And not just the stitching—the dye job looks great as well.




The color is gorgeous … and wow … talk about an even stitch!

Thank you.

The GF makes it so much easier to get a clean result. I had added work as the templates were designed to be printed on A4 paper and then taped together. I reassembled everything in Illustrator and then had to cut up the larger pieces on the hat to work with the pass-through slot.

Thanks! The mask was my first venture into stitching. It took about eight hours but since the holes were so perfectly cut I made my job much easier.

Thank you. I didn’t realize how easy it is for the stitching to go wonky until I looked at some items people made with patterns from the same shop. The perfectly aligned laser cut holes make a world of difference over using a stitching fork.

I’ve been having fun experimenting with the dies. The mask was the first time I used an alcohol based dye with daubers. Previously I had been using water based dye and cotton balls. Although for those items I didn’t want a solid color.

I did the mask first and when I dyed the hat it was coming out much more magenta than the mask. I thought I had done the mask with a layer of russet dye over ox blood but it was actually russet over burgundy. I went back over the hat with some burgundy to get a better match. the band is straight burgundy for a little bit of contrast.

In sunlight they get much more red/magenta but look to be brown under most lighting conditions.


The patterns used an oblong hole. I’m not sure if that contributed to the even stitch but I’ll be doing the same when I design my own patters. :slight_smile:

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