The Drawer Project - Aka Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Greetings -

My name is HL, and I have an organizational problem…

Every so often, I feel the need to say, WTF is all this…

Ok, calm down, I can sort it out…

Mabey throw some containers at it…

But then, my potentially unhealthy relationship to the DYMO label maker takes hold…

But I have learned to master it’s powerful force…

To tame the Beast of Dysfunction.

While filling that spot in my heart,

With the joy of achieving,

Another day of life.

May your button always blink white.



Well it isn’t raining here, so I spent my time creating clutter rather than organizing it. You did good work and deserve a relaxing Sunday evening.


Your “before” looks like my “after” :thinking:


I have a similar system of letting it get way too far before attacking it with zeal - but like @hansepe, my after looks more like your before than your after!


I would love to work in such a neat area! Five stars!!!


My after is like your before also! lol


My biggest issue are the random bits that cant be tossed, but are so few in number they can’t be organized anywhere. Then they all end up in a random stuff box or drawer that spirals out of control for months until i get frustrated and throw it away without looking inside…because looking inside will make me think i need it…


Looking good! At least you can see what you’ve accomplished. I on the other hand, have been reorganizing, yet again, all my SVG files on my computer, trying, yet again, to simplify where they are. And yet, I am so afraid of losing them, that I still have most of them stored in two places - in categories AND who I got them from! Which, of course, also means organizing all of my Excel files where I have pics of what they all look like, so that I can just look at “Fall” and see all the designs I have available, without having to go through and remember who I got them from (because it’s labeled in the Excel file). I may be done by next year. :thinking: But for now, it’s 2am and my :bed: is calling me.


You did good!! I don’t even want to think about organizing my crafting stuff, it’s scary. I just got my silverware drawer organized and was happy last week :rofl:


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