The Emaaaaaaaaaail!


Received the email y’all! So flipping stoked! Crossing the 'ol fingers that it’s here in time for the Midcoast Makerfaire! Thanks @dan @bailey @Rita and the rest of the :glowforge: and Flex crew! Posting unboxing as soon as it arrives! :raised_hands: :fire: :zap:


Woohoo!!! Awesome news!!




Yay! Crossing fingers for you too - really hope it makes it to you in time for your event.


wooohoo! congrats man!


Congratulations!! Super stoked for you. :+1::smile:


congratulations!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Awesome :clap: hope it arrives quickly :smile:


Congratulations! :grinning::boom::sparkles::confetti_ball::tada::balloon:


Fantastic news! I’m stoked FOR you!


Arrgh! Ya beat me for the first one in Maine! (Checks e-mail. Sad Panda…)


@mad_macs Sorry, not sorry!:laughing: Are you waiting on a Pro?


Yes! I’m an Oct 15 purchase. I hope the Pros start flying out the door soon, at least there have been no Pro specific glitches in what I will refer to as “Pre-Production”