The email


Well yesterday the 21st I was supposed to get the email from glow Forge, never received it just another disappointment from this company


I’m sure it will come soon, then your proofgrade, then the long wait till delivery, then the wait until the feature you want actually works.

It’s been a series of ups and downs. But yah, they just can’t keep to a schedule.


My email arrived several days late, but my Glowforge ultimately arrived weeks before the end of the 6 week window for arrival.


Check your spam folder. Some users have reported finding their golden email there.


That’s weird. I wasn’t supposed to receive my email until 27 Nov, but I got mine last night. Check your spam folder and for sure keep an eye out, because they’re definitely sending out a new round of notices.


Yeah, I got mine last night too.




It will soon be funny when the banner says:

30-Day Campaign: We’re currently sending shipping emails for US Basic orders placed on Day ?? and US Pro orders placed on Day 31.