The Eye of Stormlight Coin Display & Wit Box - Officially Licensed!

This is it guys! I have reached the peak of my wood career and I am so grateful and excited!

I have been officially licensed to sell these epic coin displays based on Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive. Below is the product stuff. If you’re interested in getting one, I am taking pre-orders now on



Thousands supported the extremely successful Kickstarter for The Way of Kings leather-bound. With it came some of the coolest swag ever, from epic bookmarks to cool cards decks, and my personal favorite being the Radiants Challenge Coins. Of course awesome swag needs an awesome display. I would like to introduce you to:

The Eye of Stormlight Challenge Coin Display and Wit Box.

Officially licensed by Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC. and made by Dragon Wood Shop.

This display is perfect for showing off the 10 Knights Radiant challenge coins with a smaller display just for that fancy Wit coin (this comes free with every display purchased). The design for this display is something I created based on the art by Isaac Stewart found on the inside cover of the hardcover and leather-bound versions of The Way Of Kings (see HERE). The most prominent feature is the Double Eye of the Almighty that holds the coins themselves. Behind this are two Larkins, creatures that feed on stormlight and are now almost entirely extinct in the land of Roshar. Surrounding the display is an engraving of the 10 heralds that embody the ideals of the Radiants.

The Eye of Stormlight Display is made from five species of wood: maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, and baltic birch. It is precision cut and engraved with a laser. The back is covered in felt to protect the wall if you choose to hang up the display. It also comes with legs for the display to stand on a shelf. The additional Wit box also has the felt and legs, making the pair of displays work well together.


Eye of Stormlight: 15.5" wide x 10.3" long x 1" thick (40 cm x 26 cm x 2.5 cm)
Wit Box: 4" wide x 4" long x 1" thick (10 cm x 10 cm x 2.5 cm)

These are not exact, but very close.


(a) based on The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, copyright © 2010 by Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC and used with the express permission of Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC.
(b) The Stormlight Archive® and Brandon Sanderson® are registered trademarks of Dragonsteel Entertainment LLC.


Congratulations!!! I’m itching to start the latest book. :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s awesome!!! Congrats!!


Looks great


Beautiful. And congratulations.


Oh, beautifully done! I know nothing about the game (is it a game?) but I can see how enthusiasts will really want one.


Amazing that you have gotten the license to sell it! Congratulations!!

I was super happy to see it when you first showed us yours, and it is a great testimony to your design talents to have earned the privilege of being endorsed by Brian Sanderson!

So very awesome!


Wow, so very impressive! Congratulations!


Thank you everybody for your kinds words!!

@cynd11 it’s a book series! Stormlight Archives, book one being The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson.


Well deserved and well done!


Congratulations! So very exciting.


There is a species of scrub oak living in the sand dunes near the Atlantic Coast of Florida that grows in a very twisted fashion called Dragonwood. The terrible conditions of low fertility dry sand, occasional, high winds keeps them under 10 ft. I found one straight enough to make a walking staff and made a dragon head torch for the top of it,


This is cool!!! What is abc pediatrics?

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Thank you again to all the congratulations c:

@rbtdanforth woah cool! I kinda figured there would be a wood called Dragonwood (ha). Sounds like an epic staff.

@Aloha it was a sponsor for my daughter’s soccer organization when she played at 6. I used it as a placeholder to show that the coin would hold in place, haha. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos without the coin, and now I don’t know where the small display has gone off to.

I’ll be posting up MUCH BETTER photos once I get my GlowForge back or have my new Trotec, whichever comes first.


Beautiful work & congratulations–well deserved for all the hard work into the wonderful designs and obtaining the license!



Wait a second… a 25k laser??? OOOoooOOoo…

Not the 25k one, ha! Couldn’t afford that.

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That’s amazing. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you go about getting an official license to make sell franchised merchandise? I wanted to do aome anime projects, even just for myself, but I really don’t want to get sued.

Congrats!! I don’t know anything about Eye of the Stormlight, but the piece looks awesome!

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