The Eyes have it!


I took this picture around 10 years ago. Great detail in it and also love the picture.
So I have a laser and LOVE to engrave…
The eyes just blow me away!


Looks fantastic ! What method/program did you use before sending it to your :glowforge: ?


That looks amazing.


Did the png in Photoshop including the frame gradient, imported to AI to put the cut in.

Edit: convert to greyscale, sharpen, adjust contrast, add gradient frame in Photoshop.


ooh! Wow! Yeah, the eyes are great! :grinning:


What a striking engraving! You have definitely mastered the process.


Thanks cynd11


The eyes are striking and the detail around the head feathers stellar.




You really nailed this.


Thanks. I really enjoy engraving


Holy smokes. Those eyes have depth! Neat frame, too.


Thanks @dan.
I was really impressed with the eyes!