The Fire project, and a box (long)

Wow, what a project! Thanks for the written details, this will be sure to be an inspiration to me in the future (bookmarked for future reference).

Did you envision this at the start, or did it flare up and take off like a wildfire?


Greetings kelley1 -

Thanks! :slight_smile: . Most of my projects start off based on something I want to learn or a new material / technique I want to try, and a loose kind of feature set / theme I want it to have, like the Aquarium project. Then I just start, and let it grow organically until I run into some limitation, be it in cost, materials, physics or my skill set (usually). :wink:

Sure, sometimes one will burn whole in my pocket, or end up going down in flames :fire: and I write it off as a learning experience. But occasionally one becomes a real barn burner, like this one. It becomes so satisfying to see it form, I’ll even burn the midnight oil working on it.


I’m so glad you are part of the forum. Can’t wait to see what you make next.


And now I have learned even more. Thanks.


You should win a design award for this thing, seriously. It totally looks like real flames, and the whole thing is just so elegant.


Fantastic creation, I absolutely love it!


It’s a shame — sometimes I don’t comment on the coolest and most impressive projects, because I know I won’t be able to come up with a comment that adequately conveys my respect. All I can say is: very nice!


You can do my write ups for me! I HATE them! I think the process of getting something into the catalog is so involved I don’t even try anymore.

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