The Golden Snitch Cake

Just received our glow forge! We made wings for his Golden Snitch cake (from Harry Potter). My son drew one wing on a piece of paper, and we used the GF to scan his drawing and cut two wings![



Looks like a satisfied customer! It’s great to see the kids artwork move onto the last so we’ll, and he did a great job with the original design :slight_smile:

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That smile says it all. Success!

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Oh very nice snitch! And the Potter specs are a great touch for the theme! :sunglasses:

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Thanks. The specs were 3d printed :slight_smile: I suppose we could have laser cut those too.

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You’ve got a seeker! First one to finish the cake wins the game? :slight_smile:


Whoa! So cool!

Didn’t the Potter kid eat one in the first episode? :smile:

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Actually, this seeker did win the “game”. He won the award for " most creative" in the cake contest. There was a treasure box imbedded inside the cake too. Double magic! The cake was auctioned off for a fundraiser so he didn’t get to have the cake and eat it too:joy:


Haha, I read the title as “The Gold Sneetch Cake.”