The grammar of ornament: Illustrated by examples

Here’s a neat book from 1865 that’s freely available from the Google! It’s got various styles, from Greek to Persian to Celtic to Elizabethan to “ornament of savage tribes” to…

This design came from the “Arabian” section:

:proofgrade: maple ply.


Man,. that is VERY impressive.
Could you imagine a wall covered in these tiles?

Come to think of it this might work for a music room, the wood should deaden the ‘bouncing sound’ (? - sorry, wife has all the musical talent in this family)


Should also mention the wife was born in Turkey so this sort of imagery really unleashes ‘the inner-Turk’


I’d really like to go. Hopefully things stabilize there!


No no no…
We were on the verge of buying beachfront property in Antalia and then the ‘coup’ started… since then things have really really gone from bad to Turk-bad.

We wont even go to visit now; things are getting much worse and the Western Media is only reporting the tip of the iceberg.

If you do decide to go then let me know and i can give you some great travel ideas but i HIGHLY suggest:

Antalya (which is still one of the safest places for tourists - especially since the Russians don’t go much anymore)


And drinking Mulberry Wine in Şirince

Istanbul is :poop: if you ask me, but it is interesting enough for a few days.
My wife’s father was the main engineer for one of the airports and a bridge near the Blue Mosque so we are always dragged out that way (sigh). But then they had to defect during one of the (real) coups - and thankfully so, because that is how my beautiful lady comes to Oz!


That’s a great find…love that tile. :slightly_smiling_face:


The pictures aren’t helping you convince me not to go.

Seriously, though, not something I’ll be able to do for a bit. My family’s collective destination list is first. Australia is pretty far up there!


Again, if you want any suggestions let me know.
It is hard to fathom how HUGE Australia is and how small the population is by comparison.

We are almost the same size as the USA but with just 25m people.
It REALLY helps to have a travel plan (wineries in South Australia, The Harbour in Sydney, Kakadu up in the Northern Territory) because travel between cities is expensive in terms of both cash and time!


Simply stunning! So caught up in looking at the book, that I almost forgot to come back and comment!

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Gorgeous! I have that book in hard copy, interesting to know it is freely available online now.


I was able to travel to Australia 20 years ago (how has it been that long?!) and now am heading back to that part of the world again - only to New Zealand this time!
Loved Australia - was there far too short a time but went scuba diving on the reef in Cairnes, hiking around Uluru in Alice Springs area, and down to Sydney. I missed the whole northwest so will have to go back again one day.

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True, but a textured surface will break up a sonic reflection as opposed to a flat surface, just as a matt finish doesn’t reflect light like a gloss does. So not the best, but it would furnish a degree of help for an acoustically sharp room.

I salvaged some beautiful Italian marble from the lobby walls of an old bank that was to be demolished, a light spotted tan with ammonite fossils in it. It had loop carpet glued over it.
I couldn’t believe that had been done to this exquisite stone… Until I thought of dozens of typewriters banging away in that stone room.

Beautiful job on that engrave, and great subject! Thanks for bringing that resource to our attention! :sunglasses:


New Zealand is WONDERFUL.
I have traveled to some amazing places, individually Patna (for instance) is one of THE most amazing places i have ever seen. Japan is a wonderful country, the list goes on.
But New Zealand seems to distill so many amazing sights into a single country that is also sparsely populated.
Want to get away from people and go into the wilderness… NZ can do that
Want to see snow or hot springs… NZ (btw, you MUST go to Hot Water Beach)
Diving, Adventure Holidays, Unique Animals, camping and fascinating scenery etc etc it is all there and all so close by

I have seen some amazing places… but NZ is (IMHO) the most amazing country i have visited.

Thanks mate, I honestly have no idea about acoustics… i wanted to build a music room for the wifu as a surprise but i get the feeling that i might need her expertise because the more i look at the project the more i realise how under-prepared i am for it


I’ve been looking for non-copyright content that I can use in designs, thanks for the link!

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Great link, what a great reference!!! Thanks!

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I am Armenian, so let me be one to let you in on something.
turkish are not progressive, they don’t change.

The turks came to the USA for a meeting, that joke of a man who leads them
told his goons to attack peaceful Armenian protesters who were simply holding signs.
They attacked and beat people up, as if they could act that way in the USA, but they cannot.

The US is trying to extradite those goons, but of course, that turkish cowards will not give them up.
They can all stay in their happy little place.

Not saying all turks are bad, just the ones who denounce the genocide. They are the worst.
That poor country with the poor innocents.

hops down and kicks away soapbox

Not the place for politics mate.

There is a lot of injustice in the world but we are here to laser, have fun and relax


You mentioned how Turkey was going turk and I merely agreed, and shed some light.

After all, this is the Everything Else and I was not posting politics, I was sharing some history.
Something you might not be aware of, but that is OK.

It is dear to me, because I had family who were victims of it. I wanted to share in case others were unaware the reasons why they are the way they are, tyrants in charge, all of them. Look at their history.
Das all I was sayin’