The Joshua Engine



This was just too cool not to share:


Wow. That is just so beautiful!!! This would look amazing with one of those mirror tunnels things. :smiley:


Brilliant, both definitions.

I have been pondering on a “Stargate” design, collecting images and looking at what others have done. Designs for a large neopixel ring to simulate the rotation of the “bezel” or an actual rotating mechanism that could “dial” an address have been floating around in the periphery of my head surfacing every now and then. This confirms that a neopixel ring will do what I want.

… I wonder if I could do both … ah, the possibilities.


I just found out he sold this for $2600


The way the ring lights up on the outside, reminds me of a certain mechanical clock in Cambridge:

(The implementation on the Corpus Clock is completely mechanical, however)


Wow This is great. Just to imagine the amount off layers it has and the way it is light is great :grin:


Not sure that was enough. Can’t imagine the hours that went into that project.


I can see something like this having the inner rings turning and lighting. I was waiting for motion…would have made this incredible. - Rich


That is incredibly awesome


I was pleased to see that no Joshuas were consumed running the engine.