The Laser: A Light Fantastic (CBSNews - 1967)

Perfect for a Sunday morning.


Used to love that show. Thanks for that. :+1:


I had to chuckle over the part about using lasers as an eraser for typist mistakes. Kind of funny how they were talking about miniaturizing lasers before they had any inkling about computers on every desktop (and in every pocket).


Back then lasers were a technology looking for an application.

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Turns out holography was invented for electron microscopy a couple of decades before lasers were invented. So there was an application that would receive public awareness that was just waiting for lasers to finally be invented. And since masers were invented before lasers there was also chemistry and physics research waiting to happen as well. Lasers are simple enough and their physics were understood in the forties that they should have been invented 2 decades earlier. When I asked Willis Lamb (Nobel winner for some spectroscopy work) why the delay he replied that there was just a physics-wide mindset at that time that didn’t allow people to make the leap to something that is obvious today.


It was one of my favorites, too. Hadn’t thought to look for it on YouTube. Great find! :sunglasses:


Something I find missing to a degree… Integrity in journalism. If it came out of Cronkite’s mouth, you could believe it.


Loved that he ended every news broadcast with "And that’s the way it was."

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That was fascinating, thanks for posting.

Can’t help thinking that the composer of the Battlestar Galactica theme tune watched that show when he was younger, as the end credits music is remarkably similar!