The Laser Lounge

I made this sign a while back now but apparently forgot to post anything about it :sweat_smile:

The guy I’m renting a room from has a small woodshop on the property, and he let me re-purpose what used to be a dust-free storage room into my personal room for machines that don’t appreciate loads of dust like 3D printers and lasers. Long story short, and a lot of screws later, I had a room with enough space for my 3D printers and the GF. But it needed a name, or more correctly it needed a sign. I like naming rooms: it makes it easier to talk about where something is located. The name actually came from when we were buying OSB for the walls, and Home Depot wanted a “project name” to put the purchase under. Without much hesitation the name “Laser Lounge” was chosen.

I wanted something that I could light up if the kids are allowed to enter the room, so I knew it needed to include acrylic of some sort. After a bit of playing with designs, I settled on this:

Here’s what it looks like with some light behind it.

The letters are all PG medium frosted acrylic, and the wood is PG medium Red Oak. The laser is Tortoiseshell Acrylic from inventibles.

Remember when I said I would light it up when the kids are allowed in the room? I keep forgetting to finish this project so it just sits in the window without any control of if it is lit of not, but that’s fine by me since the kids are always allowed in if I’m in :wink:


Well you’ve clearly nailed your kerf settings :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing it lit - and checking into that tortoise shell acrylic!


Haha you say this, and it was a nice snug fit… but it’s set in thin hardwood, so the shifting temperature and humidity actually caused the sign to crack the red oak at the top of the L :sob: This wouldn’t have been a problem if I had used plywood, so I guess live and learn? :persevere:

Edit: it doesn’t really matter, but I just checked and the wood broke at the bottom of the L not the top :man_shrugging:

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Nice - like the mixed media!


Yeah that’s a beautiful kerf! (And wood glue repairs a lot of oopsies.) :smile:


Words to live by!

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Nice job! If you have a Pro you could make another one with the required laser warning sign info, and maybe even tie it in to the interlock on the back.


I just have a basic for now. I couldn’t justify the extra expense to myself when I was ordering, since at the time I didn’t actually have any projects. I simply saw a decently priced laser cutter and thought to myself “I’ll find projects to use this on”


Awesome sign!

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