The Last Jedi is just "A-wing'ing it"

In honor of TLJ coming out I tought I’d play around with one of my fav star-fighter designs from the franchise. The “A-Wing Fighter” & do a stacked cardboard build.

A Thingiverse user named Astrofossil made a great 3D model of an A-Wing you can see here:

I took the 3D model and worked out contour vectors according to the .070" thick cardboard I was using.

I then had to layout everything to go with my salvaged sizes of cardboard & get cutting.

This particular cardboard cut best at 200/25/2pass… though all cardboards are different so that may not help many of you… Anyway for assembly I used spray adhesive & a bit of double side tape! Even in low-res brown paper stack, the SW Universe ships look pretty damn cool!


What an awesome build! Very nice.

Super cool!

Neato! :grinning:

Very cool!

:heart::heart::heart: Excellent job!! :heart_eyes: