The Librarian Happy Dance of Glowforge Joy!

I’m thrilled to report that this is one happy librarian tonight! Ironically, the machine came on one of the only days I have to work late, but that didn’t stop the family from putting it through some fun test projects.

My parents were nice enough to wait at my place for UPS. (Missing two handles, but no major box crunching.) After a quick dinner when I got off work it was Glowforge time!

When the founder’s ruler comes out flawlessly, you know you are set! (Notice my awesome window vent…my dad’s creation over the weekend so we were ready to go!)

The second thing we cut was actually from my sister’s guest account! I set everyone up one as we set up the wifi. Within five minutes she’d loaded a cutting board in the machine, figured out how to upload her design, and the glowy button was blinking again. It came out perfectly (I’ll let her post her own pics if she wants to.)

Next were some keychains I made for some students I lost a bet with…I was supposed to finish the Harry Potter series by the time school started, so I promised them something fun if I didn’t.

Then we get a call from my brother, who had left earlier: “Throw some acrylic in, will you?” And then he’s sending a keychain over from his house that he had just designed!

This was all in a matter of around two hours, including setup. We were all totally blown away.

Thank you to the wonderful people of this forum who have kept spirits high and told us all the wait would be worth it. I seriously would have regretted canceling after seeing how wonderful this machine is to work with. As cheesy as it may sound, Dan and the Glowforge team have truly created something special and I’m so glad to be a part of it! :blush:


Great job of jumping in! (Like the keychain…it’s one of my favorite places!) :grinning:


Yes. The school year is saved! Neat to have such collaboration from the onset Glad it was a hassle-free setup. Hoping everything continues going well.


So fun to see it working straight "outta da box"
I’m sure it will get lots of use…can’t wait to see more of your projects!!


I could have detoured to Utah and saved your parents the trouble :wink:

But… it sounds like the whole family is having a blast. Congrats!!!


A family forging together :sunglasses:


It was great hanging with you at Maker Faire, and I’m so happy you have your Glowforge - and are doing such cool things with it!


Oh my goodness! Can’t tell you how awesome it is to have another GF in the wild! Especially with it being in Utah! I’m so glad that it came safely. It drives my Wife crazy but I’m always wanting to go to the Library, especially with the kids. We have tons of books at home. I was there all the time growing up, and want my kids to love the Library as well. I really really love the keychain! :smiley:


This is great.

Unrelated, I’ve only just realized the wonderful potential for abuse this whole thing opens up. I kind of wish my brother would buy one, so I can send ridiculous things to his glowforge under the guise of a keychain.

Oh, the wonderful-terrible things I would send.

  1. Congrats on receiving your Glowforge!
  2. Looks like a nice setup for the vent using a blast gate
  3. What a great idea to challenge the students and having a little surprise for them if you didn’t hold up your end of the bargain.
  4. I am blown away by these stories of guests printing…so wild!

Ah Im really excited for you! It was great getting to meet you at maker faire, now you can be the maker! Cant wait to see what else you come up with! Congrats!


I love Harry Potter! Awesome print of the keychain! I’m making my Mom and Hubby read/watch the whole series before we head to Harry Potter World in Universal Orlando in October! They have a month and 2 weeks - lol :grin:


Wonderful! Fun for all. :sunglasses:


Thank you everyone! It feels like forever ago we were at Maker Faire meeting all of you nice people (and @Snowjax was making the biggest impulse buy on record after seeing all the Forges in action, ha ha).

And yes, @klipper would be one to send me interesting surprises to be forged…I’m sure I’ll get some entertaining prints in the near future. :grinning: The guest user feature really is neat if you haven’t tried it out yet.


Best impulse buy EVER! Happy I get to use @mspricethelibrarian’s while I wait patiently for mine to arrive!


Not gonna lie…easier to make this cutting board than figure out how to add this pic from my phone


It’s beautiful!


Truth! Eliminating the technical hurdles of using a laser is the strength of this innovative machine. My purchase was also impulsive, feeling ‘bucks up’, and looking to add to my shop’s abilities - it was serendipitous for me too bump into the glowforge at just the right time. :star_struck:


The best way to learn to appreciate Utah libraries is to move out of state! Even the online book collection is bigger in Utah than the collection of books for the entire state of Georgia. What makes it even better is that many libraries are starting maker space in them, like North Logan’s library.

Cheers to library love!


Thanks for the Utah library love! Salt Lake County does out of area cards so you can use their Overdrive system if you’re missing it…and I’ve heard it’s even better than the statewide one! :blush: