The making of: The cat in the hat!



My girlfriend made this little hat on the glowforge, first attempt with starter supplies… she did it rather fast so the cuts could have been better but we have had it less than a day! Having a blast…

I ended up making a few finger joint boxes designed to snap together without glue, took me a few tries but I settled on 0.45mm offset [0.225 each side of the negative snap space] and it was perfect!!

First day a success!

and puff likes it too.


We added a ribbon. :smiley:


Love it! I think every cat should have a leather hat.


Based on your 1st day projects, I predict some serious creative fun in your household. Welcome.


Hmm. Puff is merely tolerating this strange human behavior.


True, I am sure. Though he also tolerates lots of snuggles and treats regularly! :smiley:


Our cat would not put up with a hat, but yours looks so cute in his!


I’m sure hoping my husband does not see this post. He has been wondering what to do with that leather sample that came in our box HAHA! Excellent. Puff looks amazing in his new hat. I think he needs a little cane and a monocle now!


No? He would not wear it in a coat? Not even whilst on a boat? He could not would not wear that hat… :smiley:


Not so sure.
Hard to read cat, but looks like planning.


This is true… and alarming. If you find me stuffed into my glowforge you will know why :open_mouth:


Noting so drastic, after all it is just a cat.
However, something stuffed into your slippers…


You may want to read (or re-read) this handy guide…


The hat is just adorable!

Have to ask … is your cat gray or brown? It looks so much like our cat, Sienna … who is a beautiful brown.


gray and white