The Manual



I am sure that in the hive there are one or more talented people putting together a large illustrated PDF of the manual. This certainly has to be in a final form at shipping date. I (unusually for a doc) enjoy reading the manual ahead of time. I’d like to suggest a Beta test group for the manual. Those who have the machines, obviously, but maybe others could feed back comments. I volunteer.


Me too! (Have occasionally edited manuals, not that’s that’s necessarily a plus here.)


I’m in. I was a technical writer before I quit to raise kids and remodel the house.


From what some of the beta user’s have let slip, they might have a manual. And it might have a “Hello World” section.


Still think it would be cool to have your first project in the manual. “Make this wooden manual cover!”


I love how different people are. Haha. I’ll be part of the Beta test group that doesn’t ever read the manual. Unless it’s a series of quick IKEA-style pictures, I’m not probably not going to open it.


Adding an @dan to improve chances that he sees this thread. Seems like a really good idea to me. though they might be a bit busy with hardware beta testing and final production now to want to add management of manual beta users right now.


I’d be so in with this. I’m a user-centered technical writer and editor with a lot of experience conducting low-cost document-usability testing. I’m a manual geek.


Thanks all! We’re good for now but may take you up on this later.


Is a manual geek different than an automatic geek?


…there could be a shifting definition…




Only in a clutch situation…