The maze is not meant for you


Fantastic! Love the art too!


That was made completely in ProCreate.
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Fitting, considering the Westworld project!


I don’t know if I’m a bot or not.

Very nice work!


This is mind-blowingly cool. What material did you use for the maze itself? It looks fantastic!


This looks like fun! (Love the antiqued look.) :grinning:


Thanks! It’s 3/8 basswood from my local art supply store. Well, it’s 1/4” and 1/8” stacked & glued to make 3/8”.


You have exquisite attention to detail! The materials and textures combine wonderfully.


Thanks a lot! I always try to pay attention to the smallest details.


@shawnmcbee did it way better…


Thanks! I can’t believe they didn’t do a lid with it.

by the way, did you see the stand I made for mine?