The naysayers are being converted!

Wow. I’m pleasantly surprised!


I get it. The fear of having made a significant investment and then to have a better cheaper version come along a short time later. It’s tough. You really want to have made a good decision and not be stuck with an inferior product. Also, your investment loses value, because now it’s that much harder to move. Anyone who spends that kind of money will buy the better machine so now yours rests at a lower market value. At least they still have more working space. That’s something.


I recommend Takitus for 100% referral bonus. That engraving will sell a lot of Glowforges.
Outstanding work.


I already have full referral bonus, so if this were true I would have to relay it to a school or makerspace for youngsters. Thanks for the nomination though! =)


I mean 100% as in free.


Oooo that would be nice. I actually got enough real referral bonuses to cover the cost if it went that high, but as we all know the cutoff is 1k.

I’m actually just really privileged to even have a pre-release! I’m incredibly grateful.

I think if I could actually really ask for anything it would be a 0,0 home position and numeric poitioning/sizing of objects. And world peace


Your priorities are in proper order :wink:


Ah, world peace! Wouldn’t that be great!


Maybe fear of change/new technology? What found really strange was how much effort and energy people put into convincing others that glowforge was going to be crap or was a scam. I remember one post on Reddit where someone “reviewed” it just based on the promo video and wild speculation - a whole, long review. I can understand if you were afraid others would waste their money or be conned by something obviously fake, but that never seemed to be the motivation. Because that would take a few sentences. But people seem to invest a lot of time and energy into it solely to be negative.


I think it’s the same effect that digital DSLR cameras had on the photography industry. People had spent a lot of time and money to mastering photography and film developing and they were considered professional photographers; it was an art form that limited people had the knowledge and skill to be really proficient at. All of a sudden, digital shows up and every Tom, Dick and Harry had access to equipment that allowed them to take 100’s of instant photos and it really closed the gap between professionals and amateur photographers.

A lot of the argument I hear about the GF is similar in that a “toy” home laser can"t possibly be viable machine. I think it threatens some folks to think that someone will be able to produce the same thing on their $3,000 machine that they currently make with a $20,0000 machine. There really is room for both commercial and hobby machines. One isn’t better than the other, they just have a different niche to fill. It’s been good to see a few die-hard haters admit they are impressed with the engraving the GF has produced and Takitus has done a great job being an ambassador.


Great points

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If someone has too much referrals I can give them a lovely home :upside_down_face:


I tried to defend the cloud based software bit on one of the glowforge threads there. One of the guys actually asked what happens if I didn’t pay my internet bill :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been in that laser fb group a long time. I wanted to do what you did, show them how great the forge is, but you got a unit before me.

One less thing for me to plan to do later, more time for me to get through my (longer by the day) list of things I want to make for myself and friends/family. (Before I buckle down and try to offset 2016’s bills with it).


You still gotta post stuff when you get one!


Throughout how bad 2016 was and how much I could use the money, I’m still holding out and have faith it is the right choice. I certainly would run the heck out of a pre-release unit, but I have not been blessed with one yet. Hopefully I’ll get some time on a forge to convert any naysayers too… But I won’t get that chance if you convert them all first :stuck_out_tongue:


That will never happen… :slight_smile: - Rich

You know, I had almost forgotten the old argument over digital SLR’s. Your right, the attitude of the “insiders” regarding the new digital “toys” is almost identical to some of the attitudes regarding the glowforge. Let’s hope that ends up working out the same way it did for the digital SLRs. :smile:

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Actually it took a long while until consumer digital cameras even came close to the quality achievable by professional film SLRs. I constantly hear how “my cell phone is as good as your dSLR”. Um well for what? Sure, shooting a pic standing in bright light close up with long depth of field, yeah likely fairly close. Shooting in near darkness with fast moving subjects from far away, not a chance. But my $7000 rig isn’t competing against my iPhone 7+'s camera in anyway.

The point as you note later, is that they aren’t competing. A giant $100000 epilog isn’t competing against the GF any more than the Wazer is competing against a monster Wardjet 5-axis machine which you can walk around inside.

It’s like dinging a cessna 182 because it can’t carry as much or as fast as a C-17 Globemaster. Haters gonna hate…


ha! even my brand new iphone cant compete with my almost 10 year old DSLR in quality, sharpness, clarity (and it can spit out RAW). I cant imagine if I had a 5d mkIV how much different they would be.