Feature request: Absolute positioning - CNC Mill style

Ive been asking for this from day one, loudly and often. The 20x12 artboard hack helps a little in this respect, but numeric positioning, scaling, and rotation should all be included in the UI. Having to bounce back and forth to AI over and over in 20x12 mode, saving, re-uploading, etc is not the optimal solution.

I struggle with this almost EVERY TIME I use the laser. Ive lost a lot of materials to being unable to know where my object was placed in the UI, how big/small it was scaled to, and how much it had been rotated.

Its SUCH a headache to deal with not having this feature, and would be so easy to add. Ive looked at the code. Please add this.

some of my begging:

A little bit of give:

A start, but we def need true numeric control, and 0,0.

This whole post started by @Duality has a lot of back and forth on it, definitely worth a read and bump:

and heres the little mockup of the fiducial homing square I posted on that thread that we could use as a dynamic home if they were able to use the head cam to get really tight accuracy.